About Gimmi

Country : Germany

Gimmi® GmbH, a company founded by Rudolf Gimmi in 1932, rapidly became involved in the export-oriented medical technology market.

Links with European partners were soon established, some of whom remain among our customers to this day.

After the Second World War, Rudolf Gimmi restructured the company and cultivated business relationships outside Europe as well. The US market in particular was developed with a view to its long-term prospects.

In 1969, the company was acquired by Fritz Joachim Renz, who further extended Gimmi® GmbH’s international operations. The current Managing Director Thilo Henzler joined the company back in 1972. He took charge of the business in 1987 and set the course for Gimmi’s own marketing programme. In addition to maintaining close ties with surgeons all over the world, Gimmi® developed its own instruments and marketed them internationally.

Gimmi’s® specialisation on endoscopy was recognised with the Red Dot Design Award 2003.

Alliances with other companies were entered into to complement the product portfolio.

Our customers reaped the benefit of all-encompassing solutions for the operating room.

Today Gimmi® is in the fourth generation, complemented by a far-reaching partnership with the Vitalmex Group, Mexico. Vitalmex, the largest healthcare provider in Mexico, operates in the Integrated Solution Service System.

Based on the integrated medical solutions from Vitalmex and the comprehensive programme for the operating room from Gimmi®, these two companies have joined forces to tackle the challenges of the healthcare sector together.

For the purposes of this partnership, the two companies have agreed on a joint presence and have updated their appearance.